About Public Affairs Consultants

Appalachee Parkway

Public Affairs Consultants is a Tallahassee, Florida based public affairs company providing governmental consulting, lobbying, Grassroots coordination and Association Services.

Through its over 70 years of combined experience in Florida Politics and Government, Public Affairs Consultants is committed to do Whatever it Takes to provide positive, professional public affairs representation of our clients’ views to state and local governmental entities.

We have the knowledge and experience to successfully represent our clients’ views before the Florida Legislature and state and local governmental entities.

Public Affairs Consultants maintains a Computerized Bill Tracking system that will enable us to analyze, track and report to you on the progress of all legislation that pertains to your issues.

The principles of Public Affairs Consultants have the experience and commitment to our clients to successfully represent your views to the Members of the Florida Legislature, State and Local Governmental Agencies.

The principles of Public Affairs Consultants know the system of State and Local Government and how it works. We have worked with Members of both Political Parties through out Florida’s changing political scene. Knowing the person that currently occupies an elected position is helpful, but with Florida’s Term Limit Law, a professional Public Affairs Firm must know the systems on how State and Local Governments work to accomplish their Clients goals. Our experience of working within the system of State and Local Government is helpful in designing a successful public affairs program for our clients.

Equally as important is the fact that we seek to have Quality of Client not a Quantity of Clients. Each Client is important to us for their own special service needs, therefore we provide a governmental affairs program to specifically suit those needs in order to achieve the most successful outcomes. We pride ourselves in our ability to work for and with the client in any capacity necessary to provide an effective and efficient team for their representation.

"They are tough, well-organized, dedicated to their clients and in full command of the facts"